My favorite red wines under $25

I am a big red wine drinker and it is my go-to for winding down after work or enjoying with friends over dinner.

My favorite type of red wine is Cabernet Sauvignon, which is one of the most recognizable red wine grape varieties. A few characteristics of this wine:

  • Medium to full body, which describes the way the wine feels in your mouth
  • Dry, very low to no sugar
  • High acidic, refreshing feeling

When anyone asks for a wine recommendation, I’m always pointing to a red. Check out my favorite red wines under $25.

  1. Porta Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva, 2019- $9.99
  2. Duncan Creek Red (Local GA Muscadine Wine) – $10
  3. Bellini Chianti Classico, 2017 – $14.99
  4. McBride Sisters Collection, 2018 Central Coast California Red Blend – $18.99
  5. Vennstone Pinot Noir Tri Appleton, 2018 – $19.99

What is your go-to red wine?


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