How to set up a mimosa bar

Mimosa bars are perfect for any holiday, brunch, or celebration. Their quick to set up, you can make it your own, and as a host it allows your guest to mix and mingle.

This year I hosted a Ugly Sweater Brunchmas and I knew the first thing I was going to serve were mimosas.

To set up your mimosa bar you will need:

  1. Sparkling Wine – I always go for something on the cheaper side since it will be mixed with juice. For 7 people I picked up 6 bottles. I definitely recommend getting 6 – 8 bottles. My sparkling wine of choice was Burlwood Sparkling Wine from Aldi.
  2. Juice – My juice of choice was Raspberry Lemonade, Blackberry Lemonade, and Orange Juice with Mango.
  3. Berries (as a garnish) – My choice of fruit were blackberries and blueberries
  4. Carafes
  5. Ice Bucket
  6. Glasses
I used Canva to make the personalized sign and tags. I bought the balloons from etsy.

As well as these necessities I always think it is fun to personalize your party with a few details:

  • You can add a personalize sign.
  • Add tags to your juice. This allows your guests to know what they are drinking and prevent constant questioning, “What is this?”

If you are a fan mimosas, try this for your next gathering. Have fun and pour up the bubbles. Check out some of my favorite fall mimosas for inspiration.


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